Reminisce her smell that lingered that evening,

When her laugh turned even the melancholy pleasant.

Her prance brought back the most needed zeal to live,

Her locks were the only obscure shield to her brightened up visage.

Her liveliness bloomed up every dreaded hope,

And her presence absolved every gloomy plight.


Those rosy cheeks turned every thought away from dusk,

And her smile was the only vibrant thing you could recall.

Amidst all the cacophony you could hear,

There was but a melody you couldn’t help but pay heed to.

It narrated a tale so surreal,

Like those fables a little girl prances up to.

The grass was greener when she was beside,

When nothing else was brighter than the glow in her eyes,

I really wonder if regrets still occupy your mind.

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